About Us

Farmserve CC was started in 1994 by Bruce Coleman. At that time, the main business was selling bagged poultry feeds to farmers. Bulk feed was purchased from Tongaat Hulett’s feed mill in Maidstone. Bruce also consulted with the Farmers, assisting them to set up their operations and to ensure smooth running once operational. In 2016 Debbie Van Schoor, a qualified accountant joined the business taking over the admin function and together Bruce and Debbie take pride in working to create a mutually beneficial partnership between themselves and their customers.


Today, Farmserve CC supplies day old chicks, poultry feeds, yellow maize products, equipment, vaccinations and medication as well as know how to poultry farmers (including small growers), retail shops and larger supermarkets throughout the KZN coastal region as well as Zululand.


Our product line includes both broiler and layer feeds as well as yellow maize products in all pack sizes from 1kg to 50kg bags. Deliveries are handled in house as the company owns its own delivery vehicles and we pride ourselves in our service delivery to customers. Feeds packaged by Farmserve CC are registered with DAFF. We employ over 24 full time staff in the various areas of the business; packaging, loading, transport and admin.


We also do on site farm visits to our customers as well as arranging poultry workshops to teach our customers the most economic methods of growing chickens.

Bruce started in the poultry industry in 1972, he has vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of poultry farming, including breeding, hatchery, rearing and egg production, and his passion is teaching and training growers both large and small to be successful and make a profit.